KBB Instant Cash Offer

Sell Your Car Using our Digital KBB Tool

We aim to make every automotive need easier. This includes selling your used car. Our online trade-in tool is powered by Kelley Blue Book and is ready to offer you a fair evaluation for your ride.

How this Tool Works

To get started with our digital trade-in tool, simply enter some information about your vehicle. This includes the make, model, and condition of your current ride. Then, hit submit and get an instant offer on your used car or SUV. Kelley Blue Book is one of the most trusted names in the industry. So, you can be sure you are getting a fair offer.

Why Sell Your Car to Us

When you try to sell your car on the corner, you are going to run into a range of problems. This includes a lack of interest, haggling, and shoppers trying to take advantage of your deal. You can avoid all that by selling your used car or SUV at Jones Used Cars. Our team is packed with professionals, and we accept a wide range of models, making it easier to sell at every point.

Your Next Steps

After you sell your car to us, you have a few options to choose from. You can simply take your money and head home. Our professionals will not use pushy tactics to get you into a purchase you don't want. Shoppers can also use their trade-in value towards their next used car or SUV, which is always a smart decision.

Let Us Buy Your Used Car or SUV in Bel Air, Maryland

Take advantage of our trade-in tool today. This is an easy-to-use form, but feel free to contact one of our professionals with any questions you may have. We look forward to buying your used car, truck, or SUV soon.