Fuel efficiency is subject to change throughout the life of a vehicle. Maintenance and use can also have an impact on the exact efficiency of any car or SUV. However, we want to help our customers find the most efficient option possible in our used inventory. According to reliable industry reports, here are some efficient options to choose from.

The Toyota Corolla

Toyota is well known for making efficient and reliable vehicles. A used Toyota Corolla will prove that throughout every drive. This sedan will save you money at the pump, all while offering a long-lasting performance. That makes a used Corolla a great choice for any shopper in the area.

The Hyundai Elantra

If you choose a used Hyundai Elantra, you are going to love your next commute through Bel Air. This sedan offers an interior covered with premium materials, innovative technology, and more. Any of our used Elantra options will be efficient as well. That just makes a used Hyundai the complete package.

The Honda Fit

Due to its compact nature, a used Honda Fit is going to last for a while in between gas station stops. The size of a Honda Fit also makes it much more fun and practical. You will feel the sporty performance of this used Honda throughout every daily drive. Taking on downtown Baltimore in a used Honda Fit is also going to be easier.

Find Your Efficient Car Near Baltimore

Whether you choose a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Fit, you are going to have a successful experience working with us at Jones Used Cars. We will get you in any of these efficient options for a test drive so that you can feel the quality for yourself. Visit us today to learn more about the efficient cars we have to offer!

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